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NBA Live 18 -  How to Get Started With The One

The One is an NBA Live 18 game mode that allows players to have a personalized game experience. The first step towards this single player journey is character creation. There are two parts of this process: physical appearance and character customization. The One is meant to provide a very personal experience that is based on players' decisions and what better way to start building a unique story than creating a one of a kind in game character. Users are able to experience the game with a character that borrows their real life look. This is possible thanks to the NBA Live Companion App. This is available for iOS and Android and it's a free product. Players just need to get the app, follow the face scan guide, and they will have a unique character in no time. 

The next three options will define the character's game on the basketball court. Multiple play styles are available. Each play style has a name and plays differently but there is more than play style that makes a character unique. Players' avatars will really stand out on the court when they use a signature ability. By choosing a signature ability, players will take character customization one step further. The third and final step towards creating an original basketball player is to choose a trait loadout. Again players are given one more customization tool. When players are done with this process, they will have a character that is ready to become the next NBA star. 

More customization options unlock as players advance on their path. Loot crates that contain various items are obtained when winning games. Speaking of winning games, there are two places where players will demonstrate their talent: the streets and the league. As aspiring NBA stars, players will not miss any training opportunities and there's a lot to learn from playing street basketball. This knowledge will get players through challenging league matches. The One is one of the NBA Live 18 modes that was very well received by both critics and players. 


Here is the small guide to show you how to get started with The One in NBA Live 18. If you play on PSN, buy PSN Card will help you have more fun with your friends and family. Stay tuned if you want to get more tips.